The 5 Must Read Magazines for Law Students

The 5 Must-Read Magazines for Law Students

Law students are required to read a lot. It is a fact that any law student can vouch. There is no escaping the long hours of reading once you are at a law school. However, by reading the right material, you can optimize your time. Besides class notes, textbooks, lecture presentation slides and previous students’ works, magazines for law students are highly recommended. This is due to the fact that the law is a high paced field. Rules are modified very often. The law is amended often as well. Any good student should be familiar with the changes. This is where law magazines are beneficial. The good part is these law magazines can be obtained easily and sometimes, freely on the Internet. Some of the best magazines for law students are:

  1. Lawyer Monthly Magazine

Must-Read Magazines for Law Students

This magazine delivers all the latest legal news stories from all around the world. It also offers a good analysis of the legal sector from different perspectives. By subscribing Lawyer Monthly magazine, you can access special reports that are based on the legal sector. The subscription, of course, includes unlimited access to the magazine website. 12 monthly issues are readily available in print and online once you subscribe. The most interesting part is probably the exclusive annual supplements which you can get. An example is The Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards.

  1. The Student Lawyer Magazine

Magazines for Law Students

This magazine is suited for all kind of people across the legal sector. School or university students greatly benefit from it. Graduates and aspiring lawyers also get to enrich their knowledge through The Student Lawyer Magazine. The magazine provides news, insights, law firms, study advice, career advice, and universities. In short, it has everything one needs to easily chase down the dream career in law. In fact, the magazine’s main focus is providing careers and study advice so that law students and graduates can benefit from these.

  1. New Law Journal

Read Magazines for Law Students

New Law Journal leads on debate, litigation, and dispute resolution. Besides legal news and legal advice, the magazine provides an insight into procedure and practice as well. The magazine seems to be more career-oriented. Nevertheless, law students get the required exposure to the legal world. The most important benefit is perhaps the weekly expert contribution that provides comment on key issues. These issues cover all aspects of criminal law. By subscribing, you receive the newsletter every fortnight.

  1. The New Jurist Magazine

5 Must-Read Magazines for Law Students

The New Jurist claims to be the first international law magazine. It actually has a lot to offer. At first look, you can several interesting categories such as news and views, editor’s choice, beyond the law, opinion and insight. Each of these categories is the gateway to a whole new world of legal news, concerns and opinions. The articles are informative and highly insightful. A wide variety of topics is covered. The topics include, but are not limited to, legal, political, cultural and social topics.

  1. Precedent Magazine

The 5 Must-Read Magazines for Law Students

This rather innovative magazine focuses on the new rules of law and style. It is actually Toronto’s lifestyle magazine for lawyers. A lively assortment of professional tips, news, opinions, and fashion on hot topics are featured in the magazine. For law students, the section dedicated to students might be of particular interest. An interesting article I came across was “Firm recruiters share tips for landing your first law job”. You can imagine how helpful knowledge would be to any law student. Another article for students is “Firm recruiters share tips for landing your first law job”.


It is nearly impossible to be familiar and updated with all legal news across the globe. However, these magazines can provide just the right insight that a law student needs. Again, it is not a must to require every single article on each of these magazines. You might just pick the magazine which you like the most and focus on the section that you might most helpful. In any case, a law student needs to be as knowledgeable about the law as a doctor needs to understand human anatomy.