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Our Strategy
Bettering Everyday Education Experiences

Our purpose is simple: It’s giving you the freedom to frame your career; to discover new experiences; to take charge of it. It’s the power to connect who you are today with who you want to be tomorrow.

Our belief
What We Believe

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself


Our Mission is to help education industry as education makes a lasting impact in the lives of students. We provide customized solutions for educational institutes. We make expert insights available to inspire and enrich knowledge of scholars. We work hard to help students in taking an informed decision at every point of their academic journey

Our Vision

To bring revolution in education industry by introducing innovative transaction facilitation services and career guidance tools.

  • 45%

    Increase the quality assurance

  • 35%

    Increase the quality assurance

  • 20%

    Increase the quality assurance

Key Mantras

  1. Collaboration

    Comprehensive solutions to the complex educational needs. We have established a dedicated structure in order to measure and manage collaboration among the

  2. Excellence

    Everything we do at Edutrics is driven by an unyielding passion for excellence and an unfaltering commitment to develop the best services on the market.

  3. There’s always more information out there

    Our researchers continue looking into ways to bring all the world’s information to people seeking answers

  4. Customer satisfaction or our customer define us

Our Offers And Services Speaks For Itself



More than 20 years of combined expertice



A wide range of FREE-OF-COST services and products



Experts insight and educational material



An online directory compiled using a wide range of colleges, schools, preschools and coachings


Who you'll be learning from

Meet our team that comprises of highly qualified professionals and experts.


Aayush Jindal

Founder | IT Head

Passionate, creative, dedicated and diligent IT professional having more than EIGHT years of experience with involvement in effective planning, development and implementation of several IT products.

Swapnil Bansal

Founder | Marketing Head

An enthusiastic Chartered Accountant with more than 3 years of experience in Product control domain of Investment banking sector.