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Further Study

Diploma courses are available for candidates. There is no further specialized field of further study for this job. This job involves a lot of learning on board.

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How to become an Air Hostess or Steward

After class XII you need to register for a certificate course or degree courses in aviation and hospitality services. The course includes study of management skills, hospitality management, navigation skills and basic knowledge of catering and aircrafts. Degree course preferred is B.Sc. ( Air hostess Training ). Certificate course includes a range of certificates catering to the job of flight attendant.

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Opportunities for Air Hostess or Steward

  • Flight Attendant Jobs –You can apply for jobs at any of the airline operator as flight attendant after completing your course.
  • Ground Staff Jobs – This industry requires young candidates therefore after certain number of years air hostess and stewards are moved to ground staff.
  • Global Arena – Starting with domestic flights and earning a good number of flying hours experience will help you to apply for international airlines

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Who is an Air Hostess or Steward

Air Hostess or being a female flight attendant is a dream career for young girls. Male flight attendants are named as Stewards. The job of the attendants is to provide comfort and take care of the passengers on board. This career involves a lot of travelling, good communication skills, patience, punctuality and team work. In order to take care of the passengers, attendants have to do a lot of preparations and check before and after flying. These preparations include emergency equipments check...

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