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      College Diaries: Everything Told in School is not true

      If there is one thing educators love is to know everything about everything because, well, that is the definition of a teacher, isn´t it? Well, not entirely. If you are a student, you know how teachers will always have an answer to your every question because that was what you expected. In fact,ppp...Read More

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      Right to Education with No Detention Policy: Where does India stand?

      Right to Education with No Detention Policy: Where does India stand?

      A lot of students tend to drop out after failing out. The Right to Education Act stipulated No detention policy to reduce the dropout rate. It allowed students to be promoted to next class even if they failed the examinations. The policy contributed to a reduction in drop rates which was crucial for fulfilling universal education goals at primary l...Read More


      Why Teachers Prefer Private Schools over Public Schools?

      Unlike the old times, the modern educational system has been like a business to earn a profit and a topic to debate about. With so many schools growin...Read More

      Why Self Defense Classes Are Necessary in Schools?

      What is Self Defense? Before discussing this topic, it is very important to understand what does self defense actually mean? We can define self defen...Read More
      UPSC Aspiring Students Has Something To Cheer, Know What?

      UPSC Aspiring Students Has Something To Cheer, Know What?

      Yes, this is true. I think that many of you reading this article might be aware of this free online learning platform. This article is for every UPSC aspiring students. For those who know about this academy, you also need to know as to how to efficiently use this online portal so as to make your score count. And for those who are not aware of this ...Read More


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      GATE exam (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is one of those exams which almost everyone is familiar with. All the students who pursue engineerin...

      Every parent and student has faced this situation of deciding whether or not to study in tuition. Most of the times, it’s the parents’ decision to...

      Admission in the two year MBA programmes in IIMs are on merit basis, scores in the Common Admission Test which is commonly known as CAT. CAT is Common...