Why do You Leave Well Paying Jobs to Startup?

Why do You Leave Well Paying Jobs to Startup?

What did you say? You left your well-paying job!!! And for what, a Startup? You gotta be kidding.

Now that’s the reaction you get every time you share this news with your colleagues, family members or neighbours. And you start wondering as if you have done something bewildering and unbelievable. In the initial phase of your company, the struggle is high and success is only in imaginations and motivation. It is when each such awkward, rather socially unaccepted, encounter makes you ponder why you quit your comfortable job and decided to undergo an emotionally, mentally and physically draining journey of setting up your own company.

What do you lose?

Giving up a well-paying job is actually painful as, knowingly or unknowingly, you give up your material luxuries, hip-hop partying friends, periodic holiday excursions, and most important, the confidence of spending anywhere on anything from your monthly replenishing account or debit card. No, that’s not all! You also end up losing contact with your family members who were once proud of your handsome salary. No matter how supportive your parents are, their constant concern for your future and marriage sullen up the environment in the home. With everyone else secure and comfortable, you often lose companions and are left with lonesome emotional breakdowns.

You tend to ask yourself whether you actually deserve all these miseries after all the academic and professional accolades you earned over the years. That’s when you introspect and respond with the bright side.

What do you gain?

The possibility of minting millions once the company is established is always an attraction. But so is the chance of failure. Hence, it is something beyond future money which induces you to throw yourself in the middle of the Colosseum. It is the self-awareness and self-control over life which you acquire in the process of managing social, economic, emotional and mental pressures. Once outside the secure job sanctuary, wilderness of uncertainties, brutal market forces, and social dejections make you realise your actual strengths to rely upon. Also, this is when you get the genuine feedback about your shortcomings which need to be rectified if success is desired. Irrespective of the final outcome, this process makes you a stronger and highly competent individual who is less scared and more prepared for unseen challenges of life.

You attain an attitude wherein you stop bothering about the reactions of external factors and start believing your inner instincts, something which is highly difficult to attain in our fearsome world. And we have ample success stories of successful people who followed their inner voice.

Startup – It’s totally worth it!

In the end, when pain is felt with the right mix of hard work, intuitiveness, positivity, rationality and prudence, the success and consequential rewards are merely a formality to grab.