7 Surefire Tips to Stay Motivated for Studies

7 Surefire Tips to Stay Motivated for Studies

Setting some concrete academic goals this year? With back to back classes, ongoing projects, and extracurricular activities, studies are last thing anyone would want to take up during the free time.

While staying motivated from start to finish is the biggest struggle for most students, it does have a dramatic impact on grades. Make it easy to go that extra mile every day with these simple yet practical tips that will help you stay focused and on track throughout:

  1. Having A Goal Gives You The Kick Start

Having a goal gives you the power to keep going even when the going gets difficult. Whether your goal is short-term (an approaching classroom test) or long-term (cracking a competitive exam), goals make the best source of motivation. Specific, challenging and realistic goals enable you to do what it takes and help you tap your true potential. Clearly define your goals, write them down, and state how you will achieve it. Visualize the end-result that you want to achieve and complete the picture with a reward.

Pro Tip: Pin your study goals where they are constantly in sight and on top of your mind. This is a highly effective way to stay on the right track.

  1. Plan and Prioritize

Dedicate a time of the day and specific days of the week to study if you tend to procrastinate. By allotting a specific timeframe to studies, you will develop persistence, make studies a part of your daily routine, and have enough time to revise and complete your projects. Let your schedule be your source of inspiration and every time you feel like making a switch to something more interesting, overcome your dilemma by reminding yourself that every difficult road leads to a beautiful destination. One easy way to keep your academic motivation at peak is to have a positive approach towards the outcome.

  1. Set Your Timer and Just Do It

There are a dozen things undeniably more interesting than studying but you should always remember that good grades are your passport to a bright future. If today you study while the others watching their favorite sitcom, tomorrow you will be able to do what the others won’t be able to. So stay focused, don’t put off, work hard and make things happen.  

  1. Starve Every Disturbance and Feed Your Focus

The more focused you stay, the faster you will finish. With this in mind, get started and work your way up. If you lose motivation midway, imagine the negative consequences of procrastinating. If you procrastinate, you fall behind subsequent sessions and left to rely on self learning. Towards the end the entire process becomes all the more complicated and time-consuming. So keep going one chapter at a time and you will conquer the entire course in due time. If you fail to avoid distractions now, you will surely regret it a later point in time but a little extra effort today and you will definitely be above the average tomorrow. So declutter your mind and get set to crack the books.

  1. Give Yourself Small Rewards Every Time You Reach a Goal

Every time you check off one goal from your list of achievements or make a breakthrough, treat yourself. It could be anything you like, a movie, a dinner, your favorite dessert, or a brand new skateboard depending on the achievement. If you have worked hard, you deserve a reward. This will also boost your morale, keep you on the right track and give you that little extra push whenever you feel like procrastinating.

  1. Don’t See the Time; Do What it Does and Keep Going

The mother of all motivation – not only the motivation to get good grades or crack an exam, will lead you to the ultimate goal of being successful in life. So if you seriously want something and want it to real bad, you stay motivated throughout. Your short-term goal will help you achieve a higher purpose in life so only if you do well today, will you be recruited by that top employer tomorrow. Don’t let temporary lack of motivation mislead you from accomplishing your dreams.

  1. Don’t Stop When you’re Exhausted. Stop When You’ve Accomplished

We all feel stressed and bogged down by constant studies but if you remain stuck to your goals you will avoid feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of last minute preparations. This phase may be difficult but you need to tell yourself that it won’t go on forever. Remember why you started and don’t stop until you are done.

7 Surefire Tips to Stay Motivated for Studies - Its Not Late
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It’s Never too Late – Take Action Now

Any behavioral change takes time, tenacity and commitment. Even if you haven’t started so far, start at this moment because a month from now you will wish you had started today. The most difficult part of doing anything is starting so no matter how much you hate studying just get started. Once you get started, stay focused and things will get easier as you go. So beat every distraction and procrastination that is getting in your way and get into the right headspace!

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