Why Teachers Prefer Private Schools over Public Schools?

Why Teachers Prefer Private Schools over Public Schools?


Mar 01, 2017
Sep 26, 2016

Unlike the old times, the modern educational system has been like a business to earn a profit and a topic to debate about. With so many schools growing like weeds in the alleys of India, it is really hard to decide between private schools and public schools?

Private Schools vs. Public Schools

School choice has always been hard, not only to the parents of a child but on the teachers as well. After completing graduating course, every aspiring teacher fights a lone mental battle over choosing of schools. Although public governmental schools have many undue facilities to offer, teachers of the modern age prefer private schools over public ones. The question is why? Here, in this article, we will try to enlighten you with the detailed discussion over this debate. Let us have a look.

Better Infrastructure

It is beyond doubt that private schools provide better infrastructure not only to its students but its teachers as well. From better food to better-sitting facilities, the infrastructures of private schools are way better than the public ones.

Better appointing system

Unlike public schools, private schools have a fast and efficient appointing system that does not keep anyone waiting for forever. The admissions exams and interview system of the public governmental schools are messed up and often corrupted. Private schools offer a transparent system in terms of appointing.

Better utilisation of skills

Private schools do not appoint a Mathematics teacher to teach history or vice versa, but in major governmental schools, this thing happens because of insufficient teaching stuff. In private schools, teachers get satisfied in doing their job while there are no such scopes like this in governmental schools.

No political connection

Amongst many other reasons, this reason is probably the main reasons for not choosing governmental schools. Mostly all public governmental schools are connected to politics in some way, or other and such connection makes the school environment unsettling. Politicians run the schools.

Better involvement

Because of the proper infrastructure of the private schools, teachers can concentrate on the education of individual students, which is not possible in public governmental schools where the classes are overcrowded.

Extra-curriculum activities

And when the terms come to sports teachers or extra-curriculum teachers, they always choose private schools because apparently there are not much scope for extra curriculum activities in public schools.


And do not forget the hygiene part. Governmental schools do not pay much attention to the subject of maintaining hygiene and a clean school campus, ever.

These are some of the reasons why teachers prefer private schools over public schools; however, an exception exists always such as Kendriya Vidyalayas. But such examples of good public schools are always limited in comparison to the private schools. It is no doubt that public governmental schools in India are affordable for students with a poor background, but teachers always opt for private schools albeit less pay structure. And such actions are being caused by the reasons as mentioned above.