What School Teachers Do Not Want Parents To Do?

What School Teachers Do Not Want Parents To Do?

Keeping a balance between liberties and restrictions on a child is very important for a parent to shape the future of their kid in a right direction. Teachers also play an important role in a child’s life. They are the one who spends a lot of time with their students and knows them well. So, according to school teachers, parents should not do following things, so that their kid can get a better future:

Parents should not involve their children in the roles of adults too early

Many parents give responsibilities like babysitting of siblings, taking their brothers/ sisters to school or any other job to their kids. These activities affect the child’s studies as sometimes they have to skip their classes or can’t concentrate on their studies well.  So, the idea of alternate job is apparently not worth considering.

Parents should not lie for their kids

According to many school teachers, parents lie about their child’s absents from the school, so that their child don’t have to face teacher’s punishment. But, these things provoke a child for telling lies as they think this will help them from escaping from punishment.

Parents should be more concerned about child’s learning than grades

Most of the parents come when their kid has bad grades. This is understandable but the way they intervene about it matters a lot to their kid. Good parents concentrate on the reasons due to which their kid has not done well and consider it as lack of learning whereas some parents believe that their kid needs to pass and do extracurricular activities. This kind of behavior is poisonous as their kids pick up on it.

Parents should not expect their kid to be perfect

There are some parents who want their kid to be good in every field. Each and every kid has his own interest and they can’t perform equally in all the fields but in these cases when parents pressurize their kids to be good in each field, the kids can’t perform well in his interested field too. So, the parents must understand the interest of their child and should encourage them in that field rather than making him work in the field in which he/she is not interested.

Parents should not reward their kids for everything

Rewarding a kid on achievement boosts their confidence and makes them more eager to do that work again. But, as we know too much of anything is harmful, similarly rewarding the kid for each achievement will make them concentrate on achievement rather than on the main objective learning. So, parents should keep a balance of the rewards given to their child.

Parents should not punish their kids when school teachers call them

School teachers call parents of a child when they feel that the kid will understand better or will correct his mistake in front of his parents. Punishing is fine if child has done something too bad, but punishing a child for each and everything is not the solution and is highly opposed by teachers.