State Bank of India Inviting Applications for 2200 Probationary Officers

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Processing of the applications for the above-mentioned posts which began on May 4 will carry on until May 24. Notification for these posts was issued by the State Bank of India earlier on. Those who wish to apply from May 4 to May 24 can only do so by going online.

Selection will be done on the basis of an examination consisting of two parts. In the first part, preliminary selection will be done. Candidates who qualify in this preliminary examination will be called for the main phase of the examination. More than half of the seats can be contested for by candidates in the reserved categories only. Open class candidates have 1028 seats from which they can qualify.

The preliminary examination will take place on 2, 3, 9 and 10. The results for this will be known on July 18. Graduates from any Indian University who have obtained their passing certificate may apply. Chartered Accountants too are eligible. If you are waiting for your results, you can apply provided you are able to provide the passing certificate before August 31,2016.

Age of the candidates should be between 21 and 30 years, both the years inclusive. This means that the date of birth will be later than April 2, 1986, and earlier than April 1, 1995. All reserved category candidates can avail of age relaxation as applicable to them.

Those who qualify from the preliminary examination will be asked to attend a group discussion. This will be followed by an interview. If you want more information, you must visit the SBI website. There you can get all the required information.

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