Increasing Doctors Fee, Media Agenda vs. Reality?

Increasing Doctors Fee, Media Agenda vs. Reality?

It is said that doctors are the agents of God in human form. Every doctor, who saves our lives daily, should be treated with respect and care.

But from the viewpoint of the present day scenario, the above sayings seem much contradictory. Whenever, we open the paper in India, we see horrible news such as, ‘Poor patient dies because of insufficient treatment’ or ‘Hospitals are looting people with false hopes’ etc. And the list grows a little longer every day. Does not it boil your blood when you see such news? I bet, it does! But is it always that bad that doctors always charge huge fees and denies treatment when anyone cannot provide it? Or is it media who portrays the situation in such a way? Let us find out.

Why has the Doctors fee increased so fast?

It is beyond doubt that there are evil doctors who are just out there to loot people but there are good doctors too who never come in the limelight. If you search YouTube, ‘Government doctors in India’, you will only get a bunch of examples of physicians who have committed some crime or charged huge fees, etc. Why has the portrayal become so mean? Let us have a look.

  • The recent political interference in different governmental hospitals are undeniable. In such case, West Bengal is suffering the most. People are paying a lump sum amount for their treatment but in return they are getting almost nothing.
  • Also, in Madhya Pradesh, the Vyapam scam was another instance of such corruption that is slowly swallowing the medical industry.
  • In different private and governmental medical colleges, the admission process has also been corrupted.
  • Many private hospitals and Nursing homes are keeping patient’s dead body as long as they can to loot the family of such patients.
  • And the cases of wrong treatment or no treatment because the fees were not being paid, is innumerable in India.

Is it Really Bad for Young Medical Students of India? 

Albeit the above instances, is it believable that there exist no good doctors in the governmental sector? It is not. It is true that Media works as a powerful system that can make our whole society upside down but mostly such power is not used for a good reason. There are good examples of the medical profession as much as the bad ones. But Media only shows the bad ones to upheld our governmental medical system as a bad one and thus to create chaos. And such portrayal definitely has a bad effect on our society. Due to such portrayal, many private and public doctors get beaten up even if their faults are not involved. Nowadays, medical violence is not an alien term at all.

Every student who aspires to be a doctor one day or a full-fledged doctor works hard day and night to treat patients, whether poor or rich. Many private doctors charge huge fees, but on the other hand, they treat people with the poor background for free as well. Yes, there are evil doctors who are blinded by money and corruption, but it is just them who get the limelight in media. Rarely any good doctor who treats poor people for free gets any attention from the media. Even if he gets, it is after years of hard work.

Thus, it is better advised not to get fooled by the media and on the other hand, not to believe that all doctors are naive. There are good ones as well as bad ones just like any other professions such as legal profession etc. All you have to do is to keep your eye open and search out the good ones among the handful of bad ones. Do not assume the noble medical profession as an evil one depending on the daily news as portrayed by the media houses.