Google Scholarship Program With Plularsight, Udacity For Developers And Students Across India

Google Scholarship Program With Plularsight And Udacity For Developers And Students Across India

Sensing the need of skilled workforce for emerging technology, Google in collaboration with Udacity and Pluralsight initialize step towards developing India technically through the scholarship program. In last December Google sponsored about 1,30,000 scholarships on both platforms. This scholarship programs enable developers as well as students to access advance learning in technology.

The main reason behind why Google sponsored this Scholarship programs is because they want good quality android developers who can develop and publish new and innovative applications for android platform. There is a lot of demand for android developers right now and it will be worth to learn Android development.


Udacity in parnership with Google has taken major step towards development of India through scholarship program. The purpose of the program is to help the developers and students across the India to improve their skills and employability. In this partnership Google is sponsoring 30000 scholarships for student. This scholarship Program has two phases. First phase offers free access to the course in mobile and web development along with the community support and in further phase top 1000 students will earn the additional six months scholarship to mobile and Nanodegree programs in association with Udacity.

Top benefits and who will be benefited?

Scholarship program under Udacity is an awesome course and the great opportunity for current youth generation. Under this scholarship program students will be benefited with the  number of opportunities and profits such as learning content co-created with Google, getting excellent code review for the projects and excellent mentoring for first two projects in association with Google. This will help you to demonstrate your skills as an android developer and increase your market value up to the very high extent.

You have to accept program first and later you can try to apply for scholarship. Details will be released after the declaration of the result of the acceptance. There are only 500 seats available for the program, and they select the candidates regardless of what qualification they hold. After the selection you will not get money in scholarship but free enrollment in android developer Nanodegree program. Provided by Udacity and created by Google which provide basics of android development and programming.


The renewed platform Pluralsight has also initialized to educate India by providing scholarship program in collaboration with Google.  With this partnership they are on the way to gain tailwind in their efforts to develop India. As a part of program, Google will fund 100000 scholarships on the Pluralsight technology learning platform. Pluralsight helps the developers across the India to understand their potential and skill level using Pluralsight IQ. They are thrilled to see technology professionals in India and hence taken initiation to push the boundaries of innovation that will create a better world through technology.

Top benefits and who will be benefited?

Pluralsight is a renewed workforce going through a phase of transition and this the best place where new ecosystem of technology skills are being learnt in order to add value in a fast development in digitally powered world. It is profitable for developers across India to advance their skills sets in four key roles including Android developer, mobile web specialist, cloud architect and data engineer. Apart from it with this program student can master web and mobile development skills with the experts from Plural sight.

This scholarship will provide a space for developers to improve skills and increase their employability in emerging technologies like mobile and web development, machine learning and cloud platform. It is the best way to make development in the technology sector and it is advisable for you to take advantage of the program once.