Career Dilemma: Higher Studies or Placements



Mar 01, 2017
Sep 26, 2016

It’s the age old question that haunts every Engineering student. It’s an excellent question and one that defines the careers of many young professionals. There is no perfect answer for this question because he answer varies with each student. Let us explore in detail about both the options and hopefully, by the end of this article, you will know what path you have to choose.


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Let’s talk about placements first. Campus Placements are conducted by companies who recruit people from the college itself. It means that while you are in your final year of engineering, you will be eligible to apply for these placements. The company will offer you jobs based on your performance in various tests and interviews conducted by the company. This means that, if successful, you will have a job even before you graduate!

Now having a job before graduating gives a strong sense of security, especially in these times where there a scarcity of jobs. Placements are good for those students who are looking to work as soon as possible. There are many students who want a year or two of work experience before going for higher studies. Placement is a perfect opportunity for them to gain this experience. However, this system also has its demerits.

Companies generally prefer top tier colleges like IIT, NIT etc. for their placement drive. So naturally, it’s the students of these colleges that are offered jobs with a higher package. Therefore, it’s an easy decision for them. The problem begins with the students of lower tier colleges. Companies generally do not offer good packages to these students. Therefore the students are left with a choice, either to go with whatever job they have or to go for higher studies. This dilemma can be resolved by thinking about the current financial status of the student and also taking into consideration the career goals of the student. If the student is financially well off and wants to work in the industry, then higher studies could be an option. If the financial status of the student is not well, it’s better to go for whatever job you have. Once the financial stability sets in after a few years of work, then you can opt for higher studies.

Higher Studies:


Going for higher studies is an option available to the students who are financially well off. Higher Education, especially abroad, costs a fortune and it would not be wise to go for a higher degree without financial stability. If the career goal of the student is to pursue a job in the industry, then higher education is an option, not a necessity. However, if the student has a goal to go into the teaching line, or go into research, then higher education is a must.

At the end, it all boils down to the student’s goals and his financial stability. No doubt, degrees like M.Tech and M.S do help one in getting higher pay jobs. But before jumping to any conclusion, we have to consider the following:

If your financial background is not strong, it’s better to go for placements, work for a few years and become financially stable. Then you could go in for higher education. It’s never too late to do that. It does not matter if your goal is research or working in the industry. Students with weak financial background should focus first on stabilizing their finances. After that you can pursue anything you want.

For students with a good financial background the dilemma is more complex. You can either opt for placements or go for higher studies. In my opinion, it would be wise to go for higher studies, even if you want to work in the industry. This is because the packages offered by most companies are not that high (Top tier colleges are an exception). To get a better job, you will have to opt for an off campus job. For off campus jobs, it’s better if you have a higher degree like or M.S. These will help you secure a higher package job. If, however, your dream is to go into research and you have a good financial background, and then blindly go for higher studies, no questions asked. This is because, to go for research, you have to get at least a doctorate degree.

So, it all depends on you. It’s your choice. Placements are good only if they offer a good enough package. Otherwise it’s always wise to go for a Master’s degree as it will ensure that you get a good paying job. So make the right decision between higher studies or placements and be successful in life.

All the best!

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